Meet Our Team

Executive Leadership Team

Headshot of James P. Steyer
James P. Steyer
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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Headshot of Linda Burch
Linda Burch
Chief Strategy & Development Officer
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Headshot of Omar Khan
Omar Khan
Chief Product & Technology Officer
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Headshot of David Kuizenga
David Kuizenga
Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
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Headshot of Jill Murphy
Jill Murphy
Editor in Chief, Head of Distribution
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Headshot of Yvette Renteria
Yvette Renteria
Chief Program Officer
Headshot of Danny Weiss
Danny Weiss
Chief Advocacy Officer
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Headshot of Colby Zintl
Colby Zintl
Chief Marketing Officer
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Senior Leadership Team

Headshot of Rhianwen Benner
Rhianwen Benner
Vice President, Business Development
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Headshot of Dana Blum
Dana Blum
Senior Development Director, Bay Area
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Headshot of Betsy Bozdech
Betsy Bozdech
Editorial Director, Head of Ratings & Reviews
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Headshot of Amy Brotman
Amy Brotman
Vice President, Product Development, Consumer
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Headshot of Kristin Bumgarner
Kristin Bumgarner
Vice President, Brand & Design
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Karla Cosgriff
Vice President of Development, Individual Giving
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Kevin Diubaldo
Headshot of Michele Erausquin
Michele Erausquin
Senior Director, Video
Headshot of Girard Kelly
Girard Kelly
Senior Counsel & Director, Privacy Program
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Headshot of James Kleven
James Kleven
Vice President, People Operations
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Headshot of Merve Lapus
Merve Lapus
Vice President of Outreach & National Partnerships, Common Sense Education
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Headshot of Gordon Lee
Gordon Lee
Director, Salesforce Solution Architect
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Headshot of Jason Maymon
Jason Maymon
Vice President, Communications
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Headshot of Kelly Mendoza, Ph.D.
Kelly Mendoza, Ph.D.
Vice President, Education Programs
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Headshot of Marisa Naughton
Marisa Naughton
Senior Director, Marketing & Communications
Headshot of Rosalinda Nava
Rosalinda Nava
Senior Director, People Operations & HR
Headshot of Viviana Reverón
Viviana Reverón
Senior Director, Family and Community Engagement
Headshot of Beth Sears
Beth Sears
Vice President, Foundation Partnerships
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Our Team

Headshot of Darren Arquero
Darren Arquero
Social Media & Marketing Communications Manager
Chris Arth
Design Director, Product & Marketing
Headshot of Mary Aviles
Mary Aviles
Spanish Language Editor
Headshot of Sarah Brashear
Sarah Brashear
Marketing and Communications Manager
Headshot of Samantha Breault
Samantha Breault
Sr. Manager, Education Foundation Partnerships
Headshot of Maria Breaux
Maria Breaux
Senior Marketing and Brand Copywriter
Headshot of Danny Brogan
Danny Brogan
Executive Editor, Head of Streaming
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Jill Bronfman
Privacy Counsel
Headshot of Eisha Buch
Eisha Buch
Director, Education Development & Programs
Headshot of Jacqueline Carambat
Jacqueline Carambat
Director, Development Operations & Communications
Headshot of Judy Chun
Judy Chun
Senior Technical Product Manager
Headshot of Melissa Cleaver
Melissa Cleaver
Education Program Manager, Omaha, Nebraska
Headshot of Polly Conway
Polly Conway
Senior Editor, TV
Headshot of Emmanuel Cortés
Emmanuel Cortés
Headshot of Jolina Cuaresma
Jolina Cuaresma
Senior Counsel, Privacy & Technology Policy
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Headshot of Christopher Dare
Christopher Dare
Copy Editor
Headshot of Bianca DeJesus
Bianca DeJesus
Editor, Learning Content
Headshot of Lea Diaz dela Cruz
Lea Diaz dela Cruz
IT Manager
Headshot of Sara Egozi
Sara Egozi
Chief of Staff
Headshot of Jennifer Ehehalt
Jennifer Ehehalt
Senior Regional Manager
Headshot of Christine Elgersma
Christine Elgersma
Senior Editor, Learning Content
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Headshot of Amina Nawaz Fazlullah
Amina Nawaz Fazlullah
Senior Director, Equity Policy
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Headshot of Elizabeth Foley
Elizabeth Foley
Senior Director, Advocacy Campaigns
John Friday
Mobile APP Product Manager
Headshot of Pam Garfinkel
Pam Garfinkel
Senior Manager, Partnerships
Drew Garner
State Broadband Policy Advisor
Headshot of Steve Garton
Steve Garton
Senior Manager, Privacy Review
Headshot of Jon Goodspeed
Jon Goodspeed
Director of Education Partnerships
Headshot of Marina Gordon
Marina Gordon
TV/Movies Editor
Jeff Graham
Principal Engineer
Ben Harrison
Motion Designer & Editor
Headshot of Jeff Haynes
Jeff Haynes
Senior Editor, Head of Games & Digital
Erikk Henderson-Hood
Education Content Manager, Digital Citizenship
Headshot of Graham Herrli
Graham Herrli
UX Strategist
Headshot of Tanner Higgin, Ph.D.
Tanner Higgin, Ph.D.
Editorial Director, Learning Content
Headshot of Jasmine Hood Miller
Jasmine Hood Miller
Director, Community Content & Engagement
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Headshot of Tali Horowitz
Tali Horowitz
New York City Education Director
Brittany Johnson
Marketing Coordinator
Headshot of Grace Jordan
Grace Jordan
Director, Consumer Marketing
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Headshot of Claude Kientz
Claude Kientz
Salesforce CRM Manager
Headshot of Li Lai
Li Lai
Senior Director, Content
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Headshot of Kate Lassalle-Klein
Kate Lassalle-Klein
Product Designer
Headshot of Salina Lazarus
Salina Lazarus
Video Distribution Coordinator
Headshot of Wendy Lopez
Wendy Lopez
Project Manager, Marketing & Creative
Headshot of Diane Jones Lowrey
Diane Jones Lowrey
Senior Director, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Headshot of Irene Ly
Irene Ly
Policy Counsel
Headshot of Emily Major
Emily Major
Senior Product Manager
Headshot of Supreet Mann, Ph.D.
Supreet Mann, Ph.D.
Senior Research Manager
Headshot of Phoebe Marchbank
Phoebe Marchbank
Membership Experience Coordinator
Andrew Martin
Senior Developer
Headshot of Raisa Masood
Raisa Masood
Content Editor, Family and Community Engagement
Headshot of Regan McMahon
Regan McMahon
Deputy Editor, Books
Headshot of Kahjal Merchant
Kahjal Merchant
Development Manager, Individual Giving
Headshot of Amy Midanik-Blum
Amy Midanik-Blum
Editorial Associate
Headshot of Carina Mifuel
Carina Mifuel
Member Experience Manager
Headshot of Andrea Moreno Porto
Andrea Moreno Porto
Senior Manager, Audience Engagement and Distribution
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Headshot of Shari Morgan
Shari Morgan
Membership Experience Coordinator
Marcus Morris
Headshot of Jack Murphy
Jack Murphy
Headshot of Jamie Nuñez
Jamie Nuñez
Western Regional Manager
Headshot of Molly O'Shea
Molly O'Shea
Development Manager
Headshot of Laura Ordoñez
Laura Ordoñez
Senior Editor, Head of Podcast and YouTube Reviews
Headshot of Kristin Oropeza
Kristin Oropeza
Education Marketing and Community Coordinator
Headshot of Patricia Ortiz
Patricia Ortiz
Audience Engagement and Distribution Coordinator
Matt Pasiewicz
Technical Product Manager
Sajina Patinhattayil
QA Engineer
Kami Peer
State Policy Associate
Beth Pratt
Senior Editor, DVD/Streaming
Headshot of Brian Ray
Brian Ray
Communications Manager
Headshot of Nikki Reyes-Khelif
Nikki Reyes-Khelif
Talent Acquisition and Development Manager
Ankur Rishi
Senior Developer
Headshot of Catrina Rodriguez-Johnson
Catrina Rodriguez-Johnson
Manager, Talent Acquisition & People Operations
Headshot of Laura Romero
Laura Romero
Executive Assistant to the Chief Strategy & Development Officer
Headshot of Sarah Rosenbach
Sarah Rosenbach
Director, Special Projects
Headshot of Edgar Saavedra Vallejo
Edgar Saavedra Vallejo
Front-End Engineer
Paolo Sambrano
Salesforce Business Analyst
Headshot of Cassie Sanborn
Cassie Sanborn
Director of Product, Consumer
Headshot of Victoria Saylor
Victoria Saylor
Senior Manager, Family and Community Education
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Headshot of Lana Singer
Lana Singer
Advocacy Staff Assistant
Headshot of Lisa Solomon
Lisa Solomon
Senior Manager, Connected Schools Program
Steven Stewart
Partnerships Coordinator
Headshot of Jane Strohm
Jane Strohm
Director of Product, Education
Headshot of Lorena Táboas
Lorena Táboas
Media Relations Manager
Headshot of Miles Tepper
Miles Tepper
Special Assistant, Office of the CEO
Headshot of Sue Thotz
Sue Thotz
Senior Program Manager, Education
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Headshot of Jeff Turner
Jeff Turner
Senior Engineer
Stephanie Valette
Senior Video Editor
Headshot of Daniel Vargas Campos
Daniel Vargas Campos
Education Program Manager
Headshot of Katie Vela
Katie Vela
Senior Manager, Partnerships
Headshot of Emely Vertiz
Emely Vertiz
Senior Graphic Designer
Jeff Warrington
Principal Engineer
Jaliya Washington
Senior Manager, Development Events
Headshot of Erin Wilkey Oh
Erin Wilkey Oh
Content Director, Family and Community Engagement
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Headshot of Jordan Willox
Jordan Willox
Video Creative Director
Headshot of Matthew Yung
Matthew Yung
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Headshot of Kelly Zhou
Kelly Zhou
HR Generalist
Headshot of Karen Ziv
Karen Ziv
Principal Engineer

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