Learn to Dance


Dancing can be intimidating- especially if you’ve never done it before! If you are uncoordinated, discombobulated, and have never danced a day in your life- but have a secret wish to become a comfortable confident social dancer-


Fred Astaire Dance Studio is the place to start!



Romantic young couple dancing and laughing together

How it works:

Try it out and see if you like it! Depending on your comfort, ability, and the goals you want to accomplish, we will design a program that’s customized just for you!

We usually start with simple beginner steps in our Basic Program– nothing crazy, just nice and easy with repetition and review.

From there we show you how to lead and follow in our Foundation Program– whether or not you are a single individual or a couple- you can dance with anyone when you know how to lead and follow!

Once you know your steps, and you start to know how to lead and follow, you gotta know how to look good while you do it! You will learn everything you need to know about becoming a comfortable and confident social dancer in our Bronze Program! From there the sky is the limit!




We have many different options and programs for you. If you have dance experience and wish to compete, do shows, or prepare for a career in dance, our highly trained and certified professionals will plan a program for your dancing needs and goals!


Getting married?

We have a customized program for that too! We can make your first dance as spectacular as you want!
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